Changing Table

In the past, a baby changing table was typically made of hardwood based around a metal structure. Today there are many different types and styles of changing tables for new parents to choose from and this includes examples such as the contemporary changing table, traditional and classic changing tables as well as brand name examples that often use modern and lightweight plastic.

Changing Table

Some of the best changing table examples today come with safety rails to keep your baby safe and also nylon straps to keep him or her securely on top of the table while you change your baby’s nappies.

How much should you expect to spend on a changing table?

Your budget will ultimately determine the type of changing table that you choose but luckily for new parents in the UK, all changing tables and baby accessories have to adhere to strict industry standards.
With a small budget of just 20 pounds new parents are able to purchase a changing table that actually conveniently fits on the top of a cot bed. Woodform Manufacturing Ltd are a perfect example of budget changing table manufacturers and many of their models are made from natural wood that is both lightweight and robust. They also accommodate nappy changing mats and are designed to make the job of changing nappies just that little bit easier.

Baby changing table features and benefits

If you do have a little bit more to spend on a changing table then Kaleidoscope are a wonderful manufacturer that produces popular examples of changing tables for parents in the UK today. For around 100 pounds you can purchase the Cossatto Easi Peasi changing unit that again is extremely popular and comes with the following features.

  • Lockable casters that help keep the changing table secure and fixed in place while you change your baby’s nappies.
  • Padded mattress to keep your baby comfortable during changing sessions.
  • Convenient storage trays to help you keep baby accessories, towels and nappies right where you need them.
  • Drainage pipe for the baby bath.

Perhaps one aspect of a baby changing table in which all parents look for is practicality coupled with convenient and safe usage. Many of the best examples today are extremely lightweight with features that allow you to conveniently move the unit and all the accessories from one room to another.

Recommended baby changing table brands

Kaleidoscope and many others of the most well-known manufacturers of baby changing tables for the UK market offer 28 day money-back guarantees alongside a four-year warranty should anything happen to your changing table.

Cosatto are also a well-known brand of baby changing table manufacturers and the Squeakyclean Zoodle Bath changer is a popular choice for new parents across the nation. This particular example can be picked up for around 90 pounds and comes coupled with some really funky and stylish designs too. It is suitable for babies from birth all the way up to 15 kg and again comes with caster wheels that you are able to lock into position, storage trays for the baby’s accessories and a drainage pipe for the concealed bath.