Types of Changing Table

Choosing the right type of changing table for your baby is extremely important as this will be used time and time again, especially throughout the duration of the first 18 months of your baby's life.

Often new parents across the UK are left scratching their heads as they sift through the wide and broad range of different brands, price ranges and styles available. In this article new parents are given comprehensive information about the different types of baby changing tables to suit people with all types of requirements, lifestyles and also personal budgets.

Types of Changing Table

Before you make your purchase, parents should also understand that there are advantages and disadvantages to each different style of baby changing table and a model should be chosen based on an assessment of quality, warranty duration and also the safety features.

Different Styles:

  • The open front style

These particular examples come in a broad range of different finishes with some being manufactured with a completely open space and others having a couple of drawers to help you store your baby’s accessories out of view. If you live in a small apartment or simply need to save floor space then you may want to consider a corner model open front changing table, however these do not allow for large amounts of storage.

The advantages to an open front baby changing table is the fact that they are often quite pleasing to the eye and relatively easy to decorate and contrast against the rest of your baby's nursery. On the other hand, the disadvantages when compared against some of the other styles of baby changing tables is one in that they are not as sturdy as some of the heavier models and storage space is often minimal.

  • Dresser style changing tables

These actually come in many different styles and are extremely handy when you consider the storage space. You can actually choose three different general styles of dresser changing table and this includes a fixed style, optional changing style and also a flip top style. The obvious advantage of this style of changing table is the storage space yet they are often quite heavy and do not allow you to move them from one room to another very easily.

  • Space-saving tables

As we all know in the UK, space is often a luxury and therefore these styles of tables are becoming increasingly popular as our houses become smaller and the country becomes more populated.

Whilst they do offer great space-saving, again these are often not as sturdy as the Dresser style units and may also be of a lesser quality. There are generally three styles of space-saving units which include the conveniently designed corner units, space-saving cot style changing tables and the simple design of the open folding model.

Some final thoughts on the different styles of changing tables

As you may expect there are numerous manufacturers of baby changing tables that also come presented with a wide range of different price tags. However, if you are considering buying a quality changing table you should seek to budget at least 90 or 100 pounds for some of the better-known brands currently offered to the UK market today.